Release v23.28 - October 31, 2023

API command for retrieving a single object, Excel import/export support for Data Governance fields, and more. Click the heading to see the full list 👆


  • API. GET DDL of the specific object by name

Data modeling

  • FE. Remove revision number from comment

  • Suggested relationships. Patterns popup. Change radio button name

  • Broken highlights for view in Column-view-lineage

  • Diagram. Object context menu. Remove Clone item

  • GBQ. STRUCT Improvements

  • Easy invitation. Send an email to the project owner

  • User projects. Only an Icon was displayed without username

  • Snowflake. Views with sub-queries are not recognized when importing

  • Import Documentation is not applying certain changes done via XLS

Data governance

  • DG. Fields included in Excel Import/Export
  • DG. Field types and values in Excel upload
  • DG. Pages. Redo and Undo
  • DG. Pages. Page template updates
  • DG. Pages. Add a link to another Page
  • DG. Pages. Topbar tooltip improvements
  • DG. Pages. Allow to delete unsaved pages
  • DG. Pages. On the Spanish keyboard, pressing Right Alt + 2 triggers Header 2 hotkey

Schema Monitoring

  • DBSM. Save as a project. Admin updates