Release v23.27 - October 16, 2023

Alter script support for Google BigQuery, easy project sharing, fixes and enhancements to projects and governance, and more. Click the heading to see the full list 👆

Data modeling

  • GBQ. Alter script support
  • Easy invite option for project collaborators to invite users
  • Redshift. SUPER data type
  • Snowflake. Sequence. Do not skip sequence when importing
  • GBQ. Change ‘Case-sensitive’ checkbox
  • GBQ. Direct connect errors update
  • GBQ. Display error from the backend to the user
  • Snowflake. Single line SQL. Incorrect syntax near: ‘rely’
  • Visual issues on User Groups display names
  • CW. Errors after converting a Concurrent Working project
  • Snowflake. Unable to parse procedure with “LANGUAGE PYTHON”
  • Snowflake. ALTER statement for setting TAG at object level missing SCHEMA name
  • Snowflake. Alter statement with TAG and Comments in not executable in Snowflake
  • Alerting. View name with error is not being specified
  • GIT. Can’t push create and drop table sql files to Azure DevOps
  • Databricks. Unknown table properties imported via Unity catalog
  • Error when user trying to sign in via Microsoft
  • Error on Copy Project Action

Data governance:

  • DG. Stylize email links
  • DG. Pages. Import file and skip unknown objects
  • DG. Pages. Add tooltip for "Highlighting" button
  • DG. Report page. Show tooltips for external links