Release v23.30 - December 27, 2023

YAML table templates are here, and so are long-awaited multi-select explorer options!
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Changes with impact to existing DDL/API functions


  • Open API. Get for Specific object name. Add schema name
    • the "objectName" will now return fully-qualified object names (e.g., "dbo.customer" instead of "customer") to make similarly named objects from differing schemas easier to reconcile.

Data modeling

  • Snowflake - Column alter script 'RENAME TO' instead of drop and create
    • renaming a column will generate an ALTER TABLE t RENAME COLUMN old TO new script instead of dropping and adding a column. This feature will also work for Alter Scripts generated using Environments (when column position and data type matches)

Changes with no impact to existing DDL/API functions

Enterprise Plus

  • IP Listing. Send an error on invalid IP
  • IP access management. Validate duplicated IP
  • IP access management. ‘Comment’ area
  • IP access management. Error when a blocked user sends the request


  • Open API. ReadMe. Change ‘Projects’ to ‘Methods’

Data modeling

  • YAML Table Templates
  • Tool. Error when exporting documentation when there are no tables in the project
  • Audit logs. Available for Admins only
  • Help menu. New updates. Change link
  • Do not allow duplicated object names
  • Diagram. Script panel improvements
  • Diagram. Single table context menu
  • Diagram. Bulk selected tables context menu
  • Diagram. Single table column context menu
  • Diagram. Bulk selected table columns context menu
  • Diagram. Single view/function/procedure context menu
  • Diagram. Bulk selected views/functions/procedures context menu
  • Confluence integration. Show selected subject area
  • Tool. Update ‘Editing by...’ text
  • Dashboard. Update ‘Editing by...’ text
  • SSO for Direct Connect. Improvements
  • Snowflake. Can’t parse and generate reference comment / Ticket
  • Admin User doesn’t have the possibility to give Edit access to projects when not the owner
  • Generate Alter Script doesn’t show the actual changes between revisions / Ticket
  • Snowflake. Can’t analyze secure function 
  • Save project doesn’t work for big project
  • RE. Error warning on Reverse Engineer when Importing with ‘Masking Policy’ / Ticket
  • BigQuery. During RE we say we will skip the line but we actually bring it into the tool
  • BigQuery. False Warning for Syntax error, unexpected ‘>’

Data Governance

  • DG. No end (double) quote for single quoted values / Ticket
  • DG. Pages. Add ‘Report page’ icon

Schema Monitoring

  • DBSM. Visual changelog. Add search component
  • DBSM. Visual changelog. Add day/week selector
  • DBSM. Show visual changelog near Job name