Release v24.1.2 - February, 15 2024

Mini release that includes performance improvements for project saving and API behavior.
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Changes with impact to existing DDL/API functions


  • Improved consistency in API response
    While the structural format of the data will remain the same, there will be enhancements to the completeness of the information it contains.
    • Changes to JSON Data:
      • More Comprehensive Data:
        The JSON will now include additional fields, particularly for properties that previously might have been omitted if they only held default or null values.
      • Distinct Handling of Empty Strings and Nulls:
        We are updating our data processing to more explicitly differentiate between empty strings (“”) and null values. Going forward, an empty string in the JSON data will represent exactly that—an explicitly provided empty string. Conversely, if a value is not provided, it will be represented as null.
      • Slight Increase in Data Size:
        As a result of these enhancements, the overall size of the JSON data might see a modest increase.
    • What This Means for You:
      • Review Data Handling Procedures:
        We recommend a review of how your applications handle and process our JSON data.
      • Possible Adjustments in Data Processing:
        Depending on your current implementation, slight modifications in your data parsing or processing logic may be needed.
    • Some examples of changes you may experience going forward:
      • More Comprehensive Data:
        • Before: mySql: {}
        • After: mySql: {collation: null, generatedExp: null}
      • Distinct Handling of Empty Strings and Nulls:
        • Before: comment: ""
        • After (may look like): comment: null
        • You may still receive empty strings only if they are explicitly declared to be stored this way.
    • Our team is ready to assist you with any queries or support you might need during this transition! Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], raise a support ticket in the support forum, or reach out to your Account Manager or Support Agent personally.
      We are committed to continually improving the quality and usefulness of the data we provide and appreciate your understanding and partnership as we implement these enhancements. Thank you again.

Changes with no impact to existing DDL/API functions

Data modeling

  • Improved performance in saving of large projects