Release v24.02.1 - March, 14 2024

External tables for Databricks and lots of dbt enhancements in this release. Click the heading to see the full list 👆

Changes with no impact on existing DDL/API functions


  • API. Get dbt YAML

Data modeling

  • Databricks. External tables
  • Databricks. Default column constraint
  • Views on logical diagrams
  • dbt constraints and datatypes
  • Diagram Warnings. Add table name for column/key/index
  • Concurrent working. Merge visualization improvements
  • Databricks. ‘Timestamp_’ datatype support
  • Project collaborators popup. Change placeholder
  • Snowflake. Schema, table, constraint alter script ‘RENAME TO’
  • Snowflake. Open API. Schema, table, constraint alter script ‘RENAME TO’.
  • Snowflake. Filter by inherited tags
  • IP access management. Display warning
  • IP access management. Adding IPs with *
  • Update OpenApi to account for Azure External Storage
  • Confluence. Report Page. Access denied
  • Concurrent Working. Unmerge related objects
  • Concurrent Working. Improvements
  • FE. Create schema for the selected object
  • Databricks. Show warning when importing unsupported options via UC
  • Unable to import schema dump for PostgreSQL
  • Fix View column lineage display error
  • Confluence. Fixed object height always applying
  • Lineage for view is not shown after importing it
  • The columns are missing when SELECT * is used in a view
  • Admin Unable to Transfer Project Ownership
  • GBQ. RE. Syntax warnings for VALUES column
  • FE import generating additional DDL statements in the script
  • Merge on diagrams is not shown in confluence
  • Concurrent working merge issue for subject areas
  • Views not mapped into the correct Schema, but table are being mapped to the correct schema
  • Self Join tables are not reflecting correct related objects (parent - child)
  • GBQ. Can’t parse week column name
  • Concurrent Working. Column flags are not merged to master branch
  • Concurrent Working. Issue While Merging Diagrams
  • Naming convention issue with tables
  • Tags are generated without the schema information after copying them from one project to another

Data Governance

  • Pages. Naming for export file
  • Pages. Add link to diagram and subject area

Enterprise Plus

  • Add Data Governance Pages to external S3 storage security