Release v24.3.1 - April 15, 2024

Global Modeling is finally here with the introduction of Global Reference capabilities and lots more!
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Changes with no impact on existing DDL/API functions

Data modeling

  • Global Modeling - Global Reference (Standard Enterprise and above)
  • Table Templates - Google BigQuery (Standard Enterprise and above)
  • Dbt Properties - Sources
  • Azure Synapse. External tables
  • Table templates transient and data retention configuration for Snowflake
  • Table templates. Apply column template via table template
  • Table templates. Disable script editor for default templates
  • Table Templates. Add virtual or physical relationships
  • Concurrent Working. Branches. Add context menu
  • Performance enhancement for saving large projects
  • View Column lineage performance enhancement
  • Fix. Naming convention issue with tables
  • Fix. Admin Unable to Transfer Ownership
  • Fix. FE import generating additional DDL statements in the script
  • Fix. Merge on diagrams is not shown in confluence
  • Fix. Index properties are not working on MySQL
  • Fix. Tags are generated without the schema information after copying them from one project to another
  • Fix. Reserve word “Period” on column name creates a warning on RE in Microsoft SQL server table creation
  • Fix. SQL Server wrong default options for PK
  • Fix. SQL Server. Mark constraint option in FK by default

Data Governance

  • Data Governance. Pages. Add data stewards in Summary
  • Data Governance Pages. External S3 storage security

Enterprise Plus

  • Direct Connect SSO for Enterprise Plus