Release v24.4.1 - May 07, 2024

Redshift direct connect, Table Templates for Databricks and Synapse, and diagram cloning! Click the heading to see the full list ๐Ÿ‘†

Changes with no impact on existing DDL/API functions

Data modeling

  • Databricks. Table Templates (Standard Enterprise and above)
  • Azure Synapse. Table Templates (Standard Enterprise and above)
  • Amazon Redshift. Direct connect
  • Duplicate diagram
  • Direct Connect SSO work with external S3 + Tests
  • dbt properties. Sources. Template update
  • Add support for Azure Active Directory Authentication in Azure Synapse
  • Reverse engineering - add list is not working properly after performing certain actions
  • Fix Table Template. The color is reset to none when the user selects or changes the schema for that table
  • Fix Naming Conventions not being applied correctly for relationship name
  • Fix GBQ. Array column parsed and displayed incorrectly
  • Save large project performance enhancement

Global Modeling

  • Global Modeling - Enabling global project (Dashboard)
  • Global Modeling - Group global objects in compare revision screen by project
  • Global Modeling - Virtual relationship improvements

Data Governance

  • DG Pages. External S3 storage security