API tokens are set at the user level and enable individual access to the projects and project details that the token bearer is authorized to access in SqlDBM.


Before you begin, ensure that you have the following prerequisites:

  • You have a Standard Enterprise SqlDBM account.
  • API access has been enabled for your account by opening a support ticket.

Generate a new API token

  1. To create a personal API token, log in to SqlDBM and, from the Dashboard, go to the Account options.

Access the account options

  1. Go to the "App Tokens" page to create and administer personal tokens.

  2. Create a new token by clicking on the "Create token" button.


Create a new token


Create a label

  1. Copy the newly-created token and store it in a safe place.



The token value will not be accessible after the confirmation window is dismissed.


Token created



Once created, a token will be valid for a period of six months.

Rotate an API token

If one of your API tokens has been compromised, you should revoke it and generate a new one to keep your information secure.

Follow the instructions for generating a new token to access the App tokens page.

Revoke the token using the options on the screen.


Revoke a token

Next, follow the rest of the instructions for generating an API token to create a new one.