Make your first API call to SqlDBM in less than 3 minutes



Before you begin, ensure that you have the following prerequisites:

  • API access has been enabled for your account by request. Please contact your Account Manager or email us at [email protected].
  • You have generated an access token.

The ability to interface with your data model through a programmatic interface unlocks many interesting possibilities for data developers and engineers. APIs can return information that can be used in various user-defined scenarios, such as automating deployments and integrating with third-party cataloging tools.

In this Quick Start, we will walk through the required steps for obtaining the latest schema information for a given project—such as might be the case when integrating with a cataloging tool like Alation, Atlan, and Colibra.

Please review the prerequisites before proceeding. You can use any client for performing this exercise or the interactive commands in this documentation which we'll be using in the examples.

Get a list of project IDs

Follow the steps in the screenshot below to generate a list of project IDs

  1. Click on the "Get project list" command.
  2. Paste your token into the header for authentication.
  3. Press the "Try It!" button to send the request.
  4. Review the list of projects in the response body and copy the desired ID to proceed to the next step.

GET a list of project IDs

Get the latest revision for the selected project

  1. Click on the "Get latest revision" command.
  2. Paste your project ID from the previous step into the "projectId" input.
  3. Press the "Try It!" button to send the request.
  4. Review the JSON information for the latest revision of the selected project ID.

GET latest revision for a project ID